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Forthcoming Events

In 1919 the Original Dixieland Jazz Band stepped off a transatlantic liner at

Liverpool, bringing jazz to Britain immediately after WW1. 

Punch magazine noted their imminent arrival at Liverpool docks with the phrase,

"We are grateful for the warning."  The Band went off on a tour of variety

theatres, including the Palladium and Hammersmith Palais, and performed before King George V at Buckingham Palace. A reviewer in The Times remarked

"The fever spread throughout the theatre until every last man and woman was

on his feet, shouting and clapping in a manner that was peculiarly un-British."

One hundred years later, on Sat 18 May, the Sunset Cafe Stompers will be

returning to West Lulworth to recreate some of that fever that has, over the

years, become a little less un-British. See details on the poster below.

We hope to see you there.